FT: Chelsea (5) 0-0 (6) Liverpool (Emirates FA Cup) 2021-2022 | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Chelsea Vs Liverpool

Liverpool claimed the Emirates FA Cup title beating Chelsea 5-6 on penalties at Wembley Stadium, KTNBlog reporting. It wasn’t an easy game for both teams who gave it all their best going forward but couldn’t make anything count under 90 minutes. The Reds were able to make it happen via penalties which they had Alisson … Read more

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Final FT! | HIGHLIGHTS

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Final Live coverage going down right now at Wembley Stadium for the Emirates FA Cup. Once again Chelsea Vs Liverpool Final will be happening in another cup competition after we witnessed one which was the EFL Carabao played between them earlier in the season and it was as expected an amazing showdown … Read more

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Preview FINAL | Team News, Lineup, Formation And Kickoff Time

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Final

Chelsea Vs Liverpool Preview Final for the Emirates FA Cup encounter which is going down tomorrow from KTNBlog. It’s the biggest of all League cups game as the Chelsea Vs Liverpool Preview Final is going down with both teams preparing already for what will be happening later tomorrow. Both teams have played against themselves so … Read more