6 Excellent Math Problem-Solving Apps: Shows all workings

Although math problems can be intimidating, they should not be any longer! Fortunately, a wide range of resources and software have been created with the express purpose of assisting students at all levels to comprehend arithmetic in an approachable way. In today’s page article, I list some of the top applications for kids to use to answer math problems.

Math Problem
Math Problem

These helpful apps, which range from interactive layouts that step-by-step explain fundamental ideas to sophisticated calculators designed for complicated calculations, make problem-solving simpler than ever. Let us demonstrate how technology can make it simpler to learn maths.

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The Gauthmath app is designed to help students with their math assignments by providing detailed explanations on how to solve a wide range of Math problems, from word problems to geometric equations. The program also provides access to online math tutors to assist users in handling complex math problems in algebra, graphing, calculus, and other areas. Tutors are available at all times and come from more than 30 different nations.

Math Problem
Math Problem


Students who need help with completing math problems frequently turn to Cymath. Students have two options for entering their math problem: they can either type it into the search box of Cymath or take a picture of it using the device’s camera. Cymath can diagnose the issue and offer detailed solutions. Mathematical operations such as solving equations, factoring, logarithms, exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometry, partial fraction decomposition, and polynomial division are all supported in Cymath.

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Another fantastic math solver that students can utilize to solve a math questions is Photomath. For mobile use, Photomath is exclusively offered as an app for Apple and Google platforms. Here is how it works: Once you have downloaded and installed photomath, launch the app and use the scanner to input your math problem or use the intelligent calculator to solve it.

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Photomath is an alternative fantastic math solver that children can utilize. Since it is a mobile app, Photomath is only downloadable on Apple and Google mobile devices. The process is straightforward: Once you have downloaded and installed Photomath, launch the app and use the scanner to input a math problem or utilize the resourceful calculator to solve it.

Math Problem
Math Problem


Students can use Mathway, a free online math calculator, to get some help with their math assignments. Students can get detailed solutions to even the most challenging math problems with a single click. Students will benefit much from this method since they will learn not just the solution but also the thought process that led to it. Mathway includes content for various mathematical disciplines from elementary to high school.


DeltaMath is a second helpful tool for children to solve math problems. Provides students in grades 6-12 with random arithmetic questions and immediate feedback on their solutions. The more than 1800 pre-made math problems are geared around the Common Core Standards. As well as auto-grading and instructional films for each issue, DeltaMath’s premium plan includes many other features.

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Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an app that can do calculations and provide solutions to complex questions in mathematics, science, and other fields in a straightforward manner. It also has extraordinary capabilities, such as visualizing data and getting detailed answers to complex questions.





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