10 Best Professional Jobs in Dubai 2023: Open for foreign Individuals

Jobs in Dubai for 2023 are open to national and foreign applicants in all their departments. Dubai is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle, pricey shopping, super sports vehicles, and lucrative employment opportunities. Everyone hopes to eventually call Dubai home by landing a permanent position with one of the several government agencies in the city.

Dubai is a popular travel destination for those looking to experience something remarkable in their lives. Similarly, residing in Dubai can make it possible to travel to many well-known landmarks and fascinating locations and engage in enjoyable activities. However, working for the Dubai government is a unique and life-altering experience.

Jobs in Dubai
Jobs in Dubai

For many overseas candidates who have been waiting for a chance that could transform their life forever, it is a golden opportunity. For international applicants, numerous lucrative and promising work possibilities are available in various fields. To go forward for a better future, one must satisfy the eligibility requirements with the necessary paperwork and work permit.

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Various Jobs in Dubai available in 2023

Here is a comprehensive list of all available jobs in Dubai across various industries. The alternatives listed with pay ranges and job benefits are accessible to interested international applicants.

Ministry Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is the most hospitable country, accepting and appreciating foreign workers who provide public services in the nation’s state and federal government agencies. It is worth noting that Dubai is home to dozens of ministries, including defence, health, energy, justice, and finances. 


Salary levels for Dubai government personnel working in Dubai Ministries are between AED 126,198 and AED 212,860. These workers will also be eligible for various other benefits, such as a retirement plan, tax-free pay, medical insurance, paid time off, and more.

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Government Education Jobs in Dubai

When it comes to future generations and their education, the government of Dubai takes a keen interest. Dubai is home to dozens of prestigious schools and institutes always looking to hire qualified educators worldwide, paying top dollar and providing generous benefits.

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Candidates can expect to earn between AED 10,500 and AED 42,400 per month, depending on experience, and will also be eligible for benefits like health insurance, housing, and travel reimbursement.

Dubai Government Transport Sector Jobs

Those interested in working for Emirates or Etihad Airways, two of Dubai’s national airlines, or for the city’s Aviation Department can choose from a wide variety of vacant positions. Additionally, these airlines in Dubai provide their employees (including flight attendants, pilots, flying instructors, and technical and operation managers) with competitive pay and other perks like health insurance and vacation time.

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Airlines in Dubai’s transport industry have a wide range of compensation potential depending on job title, education level, and years of relevant experience. The average estimated salary for a non-technical position is between AED 8,000 and AED 15,000, while the average salary for a technical position is between AED 18,000 and AED 40,000. The pay does not account for benefits such as life insurance, child education assistance, paid time off, holidays, or a free annual ticket or housing.

Healthcare Sector Jobs in Dubai

Dubai’s government urgently needs qualified medical professionals to take up medical jobs in Dubai’s health sector, particularly in the wake of the Covid disaster. Many desirable positions are available for foreign medical professionals, such as physicians, dentists, surgeons, and nurses, that pay well and provide medical benefits.

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Jobs in Dubai
Jobs in Dubai

Moreover, medical experts in this field will be able to earn salaries ranging from AED 6,140 to AED 99,000 on average, along with benefits like free housing, transportation, and food, as well as financial aid for healthcare, childcare, and schooling for their children.


Banking Jobs in Dubai

Dubai’s national banks include Union National Bank, National Bank of Ajman, and ENBD. Regularly seek out and employ international professionals to contribute their skills and knowledge in various fields, allowing qualified applicants to earn very high salaries.

Candidates can submit applications for various open roles, including Assistant Manager of Marketing, Manager of Government Relations, Head of Credit, Trade Finance Officer, Accountant, Economist, and others.

Depending on experience and qualifications, bankers in Dubai can make a monthly salary of between AED 6,800 and AED 49,100 without including benefits such as paid vacation, life and disability insurance, scheduled sick and maternity days, bonuses, salary increases, and internal training programs.

Dubai Army Jobs

The Dubai government is providing this opportunity to many outstanding and qualified foreign candidates so they can contribute to the country and community. There are hundreds of available employment opportunities for new graduates, trainees, and seasoned professionals in engineering, security, medicine, civil defence, and others.

Meanwhile, security experts, structural engineers, medical doctors and surgeons, security forces vehicle managers, safety officers, data entry operators, security supervisors, and more are currently open.

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Candidates chosen to serve in the military forces for their country will earn more than just a paycheck for their efforts; they will also be honoured for their sacrifices with medals and sponsorship for the whole of their lives. 

Officers in the Dubai Armed Forces get a monthly salary of between AED 11,000 and AED 34,100 in addition to benefits like free public transportation, free or heavily discounted accommodation and travel, retirement plans, and other financial security measures.

Dubai Government Police Jobs

The Dubai Police Force is widely regarded as one of the most potent and prominent police forces in the Emirates. It provides several job opportunities to courageous, skilled, and experienced individuals. 

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Those outside the UAE can apply to join the Dubai Government Police. However, they must meet specific educational and language standards, such as having a Bachelor of Science degree and fluency in English, Arabic, and Hindi. Meanwhile, foreign applicants will have an advantage if they have at least three years of professional experience.

The average monthly salary for a police officer in Dubai ranges from AED 5,120 to AED 20,000, with the exact amount depending on whether the officer works in the civil or military division.

Firefighter Jobs in Dubai

Being a fireman for Dubai Civil Defense is also a highly regarded profession in the city. Those interested in applying for the position of firefighter technician, power block operator, firefighting draftsman, and firefighter can do so now.

The typical salary for a firefighter in Dubai includes bonuses, tips, overtime pay, and health insurance and ranges from AED 5,130 to a minimum of AED 17,700 per month.

Attorney Jobs in Dubai 

Dubai’s legal and judicial system is well-known and widely admired around the globe. Those in the legal profession, including juries, attorneys, and court employees, deserve the highest praise for their tireless dedication to upholding the law. Similarly, foreign attorneys can work and practice local law in Dubai despite being barred from practising before the country’s highest court.

Jobs in Dubai
Jobs in Dubai

Foreign lawyers can work in various fields, including contract law, compliance, secretarial work, counselling, real estate development, construction law, and more. Employment as an attorney in Dubai might get somewhere from AED 20,000 per month to AED 65,000 per month in taxable income.


Dubai Government Electricity, Water, and Road Safety Jobs

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority are looking for bright and energetic new employees. Interested individuals from any part of the world are encouraged to apply for the open positions of Data Science Engineer, Product Manager, Water Plant Operator, and I & CA Technicians.

The salary range for employees at this organization is from AED 6,600 to AED 124,500 annually, with infinite perks and insurance plans. 

For further information and how to apply for any jobs, click here.

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