3 Best Athletic Scholarships

Canada is a destination for several immigrants as well as several potential ones. This is partly because of the country’s several significant indices relative to others, such as the US and EU countries. Therefore, embracing the athletic scholarships will be ideal for those who have chosen Canada as their destination.

An athletic scholarship is one of the scholarships that is specially offered to an athlete student. This scholarship is given to students who excel in sports, including swimming, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. High schools, colleges, and universities in Canada offer this kind of program. The universities that provide athletic scholarships to international students in Canada are listed and discussed below.

Athletic Scholarship
Athletic Scholarship

Universities with Athletic Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Although this scholarship is well-liked, it has yet to be issued in several nations. The scholarship is only available in Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. The Objective is to support academic progress and promote student participation in sports.

This grant may be awarded to scholars who thrive in their gaming. Few universities in Canada provide athletic scholarships to international students. Therefore, we have included the universities for candidates from abroad. Check them out:

Douglas College

Students that have some athletic abilities are offered athletic scholarships at Douglas College. As well it has made its doors open to international students. Even so, they include their local athletes in the athletic scholarships scheme. The college is ranked 84th out of all Canadian universities. It is one of the most prominent public colleges in the nation.

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The students are respected and given complete autarky at Douglas College. The students with extraordinary sports abilities as eligible and selected for the athletic scholarship and will be awarded total funding. There are several available programs to choose from for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Hence, there needs to be a definite course for applying for scholarships.

However, Douglas College gave out both domestic and foreign applicants five scholarships. Without question, there is the fierce rivalry. But the scholarship is offered to anyone who shows high qualities in athletics. Now, let’s take a quick look at the scholarship’s requirements.

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Criteria for Eligibility: The scholar has to be an athlete currently to continue in the future. On the contrary, the applicant must be a Douglas college athlete.

Countries of Eligibility: There are no limitations based on a country. Any student from any country may apply for a scholarship. International students are also eligible for the awards; the offer also extends to their Canadian scholars.

Eligible Course: Athletes wishing to apply for the scholarship can enroll in any course of their choice. Candidates for either an undergraduate or graduate degree may apply for athletic scholarships. There is absolutely no particular program or course attached to the scholarship.

Athletic Scholarships
Athletic Scholarships

How to apply

Applying to Douglas College can be done online. A student’s academic grade report is required. IELTS, PET, TOEFL, CAEL, and other English proficiency tests will also be presented to international students. When admitted, anyone chosen for this scholarship will be awarded a program bursary of $7,000.

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Alberta University

International and domestic students are eligible for athletic scholarships from Alberta University in Canada. The bursary is open to student-athletes with exceptional grades. The university is ranked among the top 150 globally and in the top 5 in Canada. Nevertheless, the faculty of Recreation and Physical Education is funding this scholarship. The institution awards a few scholarships to deserving students each year.

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The university does not, however, provide a variety of courses for this scholarship. The scholarship is exclusively offered for physical education and recreation. So, only individuals who are enthusiastic about this subject should apply.

Requirement for the Athletic Scholarships

The first prerequisite is that the candidate must possess some athletic ability. They must flourish in athletics like basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc. It will be easier for a student if they have received any awards or accomplishments in this area. Scholarship candidates must also demonstrate academic excellence. The student will primarily be given the opportunity if can demonstrate his talent and potential in this discipline.

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University Of Fairleigh Dickinson

Students from abroad and locals are eligible for athletic scholarships from Fairleigh Dickinson. The quantity of scholarships fluctuates. Hence, there is a need to apply earlier to secure a spot for the athletic scholarships. The university provides athletic scholarships for undergraduate students and master’s programs. However, the organization offers additional scholarships. However, there are few athletic scholarships available in Canadian universities. So take advantage of this opportunity to win athletic scholarships.

The offer for athletic scholarships at the university of Fairleigh Dickinson funds a selected student’s expenses. It covers everything, like living expenses and tuition fees. The scholarship programs at this university are the same. To apply for the bursary, you must meet a few criteria set by the university. A student must engage in athletics and be a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) member. Visit the Fairleigh Dickinson Institute’s official website. There could be varying regulations for various countries.

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NOTE: Only use one email address to apply. That will not aid in receiving the scholarship. The institution has also placed tight restrictions on it.

USport Athletic Scholarships

USport sportspeople who have a minimum entry academic average of 80% or comparable are eligible to get an athletic scholarship in September of their first year of college. Suppose a student-athlete does not reach that criterion. In that case, the student may still get an athletic scholarship after the first year of college (spring or summer) if they complete the CIS academic standards and maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 65%.

Athletic Scholarships
Athletic Scholarships

Athletes who met USport’s academic requirements with a grade point average of at least 65% the year before are still eligible to receive an athletic scholarship at the start of any year. (Note: All Ontario universities must have a 70% average from the year before, per Ontario University Athletics policy.)

A USport athletic scholarships can be composed of various funding streams, including grants, prizes, leadership and merit awards, housing, and any other non-employment financial aid that an athlete receives from their school. Nonetheless, the total amount of athletic scholarships offered by the USport is restricted to one academic year’s worth of tuition and administrative fees.


The most intriguing scholarship programs for athletes or sportspeople are athletic scholarships. However, this scholarship is uncommon, and only a few countries provide the program. This opportunity is available to all students in Canada. So, take advantage of the opportunity to study in Canada.

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