3 Best Canadian Scholarships for International Students

One of the paramount characteristics of international students especially those from the continent of Africa is their quest to study in countries like Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Australia, etc. However, they are careful to look out for those universities that offer a full scholarships for international students.


Below are some of the carefully selected Universities in Canada that offers admission with a full scholarship for international students.

Scholarships for international students
Scholarships for international students

University of Saskatchewan 

The University of Saskatchewan which is on of the universities that offer full Scholarships for International Students was established in 1907 has a long history of excellence.  You can study, develop, and join a community at the University of Saskatchewan where people value the beauty that knowledge can provide.

The students of the University of Saskatchewan have the chance to obtain real-world, hands-on experience in their field of study, by engaging in a field class, an internship, a co-op program, or by taking advantage of a study and exchange program at a different Canadian university.

As you explore the University of Saskatchewan with their Scholarships for International Students, you will realize the spaces that define your university experience. Libraries, Museums and galleries, student hangouts, sporting event venues, and natural spaces are where life happens and where your most powerful memories can be created.

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USask provides various programs in over 100 fields of study. There are several alternatives open to you when deciding what to study at this university. This could be simultaneously overwhelming and exciting. It’s important to know:

  • It is not mandatory to select a major (like Biology or Accounting) at the state, as many students trade their major in their first or second year.
  • You do have to pick a college and admission requirements to differ between them. You can swap between colleges after you start, but admission isn’t guaranteed.
  • Part of the university experience is trying out new things. Your first year is a great opportunity to take a class in something that interests you.


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University of Winnipeg


Another University that offers full Scholarships for international students is the Graduate school at the University of Winnipeg, a student-centered research institution. The School of Graduate Studies takes its mission to be to support and promote graduate education and research, by offering a full scholarship to international students in various categories to foster excellence in graduate studies, as well as to attract top national and international graduate students.

More than 1,000 foreign students from over 75 nations study at the University of Winnipeg. With approximately 10% of the total student population coming from outside of Canada, several support services ensure that students have a great student experience while in the University.

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There are many good reasons for students to choose The University of Winnipeg for their graduate studies. They offer numerous programs, engagement with award-winning professors, Scholarships for International Students and distinctive research opportunities. The University of Winnipeg is highly ranked among Canadian universities. The University is distinguished by small class sizes for greater impact, accessible professors, and personal attention to students, as well as the downtown location. University of Winnipeg’s full scholarship for international students aims to assist students to excel and to make sure students have an outstanding educational experience.

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University of Regina


The University of Regina offers and administers full scholarships for international students in various categories and awards, you are qualified to apply for any of the scholarships, awards, or employment as a graduate teaching assistant once you have been admitted as a fully qualified graduate student without any restrictions or holds on your admission. The School of Graduate Studies and Research has provided an online graduate scholarship application system, now the Graduate Awards Portal (GAP). GAP allows you to view all of the scholarships, awards, bursaries, fellowships, and prizes that the University of Regina offers especially to international students.

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Simply log on to the website of the various universities discussed above. Select a program of choice, there are links for the available categories of scholarships on their websites. Adhere to the instruction for application as prompted. Make sure your application contains the right email address because you will be in contact with the university on occasion during the application process.

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