FT: Spain 1-1 Portugal (UEFA Nations League) 2022 | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Alvaro Morata was on target as Portugal held Spain to a 1-1 draw in the UEFA Nations League match, KTNBlog reporting.

It was a brilliant first half for both teams which just one error saw a goal being scored by the home Nation.

The second half decided the whole encounter as it was evenly contested with the result coming out the way it did.


The match was a big one which lived to expectation as one goal was recorded in the first-half of the encounter.

Portugal started the game well doing everything to make sure the lead was theirs, but it didn’t happen despite everything done.

Spain were formidable making sure nothing get past them as they continued looking dangerous against their opponent.

The goal came in the 25th minute after a break from Attack which Gavi pulled through from the start until it was finished off by Alvaro Morata to make it 1-0.

It was a brilliant buildup which resulted in something good coming through despite how it was opposed by the side who conceded.

That goal changed the whole encounter as nothing was seen in the remainder of it despite the numerous opportunities.

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It ended with the 45 minutes in a narrow 1-0 advantage for Spain who headed for the break against Portugal after so much done.

The second half started well from Portugal who were force into removing Joao Moutinho for Ruben Neves.

It was a good one for Spain who continued keeping things in-check making sure their opponent fails in every attempts to make a comeback.

The match carried on with Cristiano Ronaldo finally making his way into the game which he made an instant impact by almost scoring a goal.

Spain Vs Portugal Highlights

It was looking like a lost game for the away side until a goal from Ricardo Horta in the 82nd minute made things 1-1 after an amazing delivery from Cancelo.

That goal settled things as the match ended with Spain being held to a 1-1 draw by Portugal after 90 minutes of action between both National teams.


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