FT: Italy 0-3 Argentina (Finalissima) 2022 | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Copa America Champions Argentina beat Italy 0-3 to reclaim the Finalissima Cup at Wembley Stadium, KTNBlog reporting.

It wasn’t an easy game in the first few minutes which was balanced until the opening goal came and changed the whole encounter.

Lionel Messi makes it his second title for the National team after winning the Copa America and now he has added another one.


Italy Vs Argentina Martinez

Both teams started the game with so much confidence pushing forward to make something good happen very early.

Nothing came through but Argentina looked the better of both teams as the match carried on with opportunities from both ends.

Italy held their ground until Lautaro Martinez struck them wide open in the 28th minute with an incredible goal which made it 0-1.

It was a goal that was expected to happen with the way it was going seeing how the opportunities kept coming until they paid off.

The game continued in the same manner of opportunities as it was more open with both teams doing all they can to make something happen.

Angel Di Maria stood up tall as he finished off another one which turned the scoreline to 0-2 in the 45th minute plus additional time.

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That goal ended the half as Italy couldn’t make anything happen against Argentina who had a 0-2 advantage to be good.

The game resumed with so many talking points seeing how the Champions of Europe fumbled without making anything count.

It was looking the same as they carried on in the same manner entering the early stages of the second half with Italy doing poorly.

Argentina was okay to push to ball around hoping to kill time as they continued to make sure the title was already theirs despite more minutes left to be played.

More wasted opportunities were seen as the Italians tried to make something happen, but they could just get the final killer to put the ball inside the net.

Lionel Messi

Paulo Dybala sealed the win from a clever Lionel Messi assisted finish in the 90th minute plus additional time which made it 0-3.

That was the last action as Argentina beat Italy 0-3 to win the Finalissima Cup after an incredible night of football at the Wembley Stadium.



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