FT: Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League Final) 2021-2022 | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Real Madrid claimed a record 14th UEFA Champions League title after beating Liverpool 0-1 to win the trophy for the 2021-22 season, my Blog reporting.

The game was mixed with so much drama which led to it being postponed for extra 15 minutes to some crowd issues which many claimed wasn’t true.

Things were able to start as both clubs gave a good account of themselves which ended one team claiming all the victory for themselves at the end.


Liverpool Vs Real Madrid Goal

After the delay, the first half kicked off 36 minutes late as both teams started creating few early opportunities which didn’t immediately result to something good.

Liverpool were the better of both clubs who had dominance pressing for an early opening goal which didn’t get to happen as the Spanish side were able to keep their goal line safe from their opponent.

Real Madrid soon found their rhythm which saw them taking back the share of ball possession as they game was evenly balanced with so much seen from them in terms of attacking and opportunities.

They remained in a barren draw as the game continued entering the final few minutes left to be played in the first half that already generated so many talking points with Karim Benzema offside goal.

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The scoreline didn’t change as they both headed inside for the break with Liverpool Vs Real Madrid holding each other to a goalless 0-0 after 45 minutes of good football.

Coming into the second half was fantastic, both teams continued with the same momentum they left things in the first 45 minutes which saw opportunities created by both team.

Liverpool continued with their pressing as they were looking to make something good happen pushing forward with hopes of getting the opener which didn’t come after many attempts to get it.

It was Real Madrid who were blessed with the advantage as Federico Valverde released a pass to the far end of the post for Vinicius Junior to tap in and make it 0-1 in the 59th minute.

That goal was decisive as they continued with nothing else happening as they approached the final 20 minutes of the UEFA Champions League final which scoreline still on 0-1 for the side from Spain.

Liverpool Vs Real Madrid Report

Thibaut Courtois continued pulling out some incredible saves which helped kept his side the clash as the pressure was all of them and their defenders who couldn’t keep things calm as the number one man had to do the cleanup.

The scoreline remained the same with the match ended with Real Madrid beating Liverpool 0-1 to win the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League title after 90 minutes of football in France.

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