Chelsea Vs Manchester United Women FT! | HIGHLIGHTS

The final season match between Chelsea Vs Manchester United Women as the Barclay Women’s Super League game is happening right now.

This Chelsea Vs Manchester United Women is one of the enormous clashes in Women’s football in England regardless of how different when it comes to success in Women’s teams, unlike their male side who have remained consistent over the years at home and abroad.

This game won’t be an easy one for either of both teams who knows they need to make something happen to save their season from going bad mostly for the Blues who are currently number one on the table they need to keep the same way that could see them win the title today.

It is a big one between Chelsea Vs Manchester United Women as one of them will be getting all three points after 90 minutes of football to be played here with so much going to happen first in this clash that could see the Blues hold on to their number one spot and win the title.

They have played a host of games before reaching this position which they are right now and it is expected of them to make it count if they are to have any chance of winning the game which could prove to be the game-changer for their season so far in the 2021-22 campaign.


Ann-Katrin Berger (Goalkeeper); Jessica Carter, Millie Bright, Magdalena Eriksson (Defenders); Niamh Charles, Erin Cuthbert, Sophie Ingle, Jonna Andersson (Midfielders); Pernille Harder, Guro Reiten (Attackers); Samantha Kerr (Striker).

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Mary Earps (Goalkeeper); Hannah Blundell, Maria Thorisdottir, Hayley Ladd, Ona Batlle (Defenders); Katie Zelem, Jackie Groenen (Midfielders); Leah Galton, Ella Toone, Martha Thomas (Attackers); Alessia Russo (Striker).

This match is a serious clash as both teams already played against each other which wasn’t an easy one for them but the Blues claimed a 3-1 win after 90 minutes of football played on that day which wasn’t an easy one for the side who didn’t have a good outing in Europe this year.

Both Chelsea Vs Manchester United Women have been on a good run of form leading to this encounter that will be played here in the afternoon which they are looking to once again get one over themselves as three points are on the table for the winner or we could be seeing a draw here.

The Red Devils’ women are coming into this match after their last game against West Ham United which they were beaten at home 3-0 on their home ground as they continued their fight to move up on the WSL table which is already coming to an end of the season after this clash played.

The Blues last played against Birmingham City which was also another match filled with few goals as they were able to put just one goal past their opponent which was before going on to beat Arsenal in the Vitality FA Cup semi-final 0-2 after 90 minutes played at Wembley Stadium.

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This encounter will be a different one as they are all coming back hoping to make something count hereafter we are expecting you to hit the comment section letting us know what you think will be happening and the League title is on the table for the Blues.

Chelsea Vs Manchester United Women going down Live at Kingsmeadow and to watch Kindly locate the “WATCH MATCH HERE” which will automatically take you to The Hive Stadium where the encounter is going down between both of them as they already kicked off and few opportunities seen already from both ends.


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