FT: USA 5-1 Panama, Christian Pulisic Hat-Trick | HIGHLIGHTS

Christian Pulisic scored a hat trick as the USA thrashed Panama 5-1 in their FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, KTNBlog reporting.

It was a game in which the Chelsea man showed how much quality he is made off by scoring three of the goals.

The United States Of America is still on a course of making it automatically to the World Cup group stages.


So much was seen in the game which kicked off with so much pace coming from the home side who were very good.

Nothing happened in the first 15 minutes which saw Panama doing well enough to keep things on a goalless affair as it carried on.

It was the USA who scored the opening goal after a penalty was awarded and Chelsea forward stepped up, then converted it as the scoreline turned 1-0 for his country in the 17th minute.

Another one followed up in the 23rd minute through Paul Arriola who made sure his finishing was perfectly placed making the game turned 2-0 thanks to good teamwork display before the goal was scored.

Jesus Ferreira scored in the 27th minute of the encounter for the home side who increased their advantage further to 3-0 as the game was fast slipping away from the losing side who couldn’t do anything about it.

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It was all looking good as the match pushed on into the 45th minute plus additional time which Christian Pulisic scored another one from the penalty spot which made it 4-0 as the first half ended.

The game carried on in the second 45 minutes with so much coming from the side who already had things going in their favor in the FIFA World Cup qualifications match for Qatar.

More opportunities but nothing until the 65th minute which saw Christian Pulisic made it his hattrick and 5-0 for the USA national team as the match was already looking done and over for the away side.

Panama were able to pull one back in the 86th minute of the encounter through a goal from Anibal Godoy which beat the goalkeeper and made the scoreline 5-1 as it carried on with few minutes left.

The game ended with USA getting the job done as expected of them 5-1 against Panama who were no match to what they had to offer on the pitch which was pure class all through the 90 minutes played between them.



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