Connor Gallagher Decision Vs Chelsea Match CONFIRMED!

There has been debate as to if Chelsea will allow Connor Gallagher to play against them in the Emirates FA Cup semi-final, KTNBlog reporting.

This has been going on for a while since Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace were drawn to play against each other in the semifinals of the Emirates FA Cup.

Chelsea won’t be looking to allow such to happen as they won’t let him play the semifinals clash against them which is also against the rule in English football.

Connor Gallagher won’t be playing for Crystal Palace when they go up against the Champions of the World.

It has been confirmed and it won’t be happening as much as the Palace fans will be hoping an agreement can be reached to allow the midfielder to take part in the game.

Here Is What Has Been Said:

According To FA Rules 

“The English Football Body Won’t Give Permission To Allow Players Play Against A Team They Are On Loan From.

Knowing this means there is no way or chance of Connor Gallagher getting any chance of playing against Chelsea.

If the move was a permanent one he could have the opportunity of playing, but anything else aside from that he can’t make an appearance.

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